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Riders in the Sky

"Riders in the SKY" at the 1995 Ohio (and Minnesota) State Fair

After 35 shows in 7 states, "Riders in the Sky" still have not lost their appeal for us. We try to see them whenever we can, whether on TV or in person.

Too Jaws       (Ohio) Two Jaws, in the capable hands of Too Slim, is one horse that will never grow old,

Woody Paul Cyrus       (Minnesota) And Woody Paul Cyrus is always a delight.

Kids on Stage      (Ohio) At most shows, all the youngsters get to get up on stage and sing with the Riders,

Rope tricks       (Ohio) Woody Paul's rope trick both amaze and amuse the audience,

Ranger Doug       (Minnesota)and Rangers Dougs yodeling is a treat for any western fan.

Varmit Dancing       (Ohio) Two Slims' "Varmit Dancing" has every Critter in the house jumping,

Sidemeat       (Minnesota) and Sidemeat even appears at some shows.

More Kids on Stage       (Ohio) If I had to pick a favorite part of the show, it would be when the kids are up on stage. Even kids in there "second childhood" have sometimes been invited up, and I've been on stage twice when the kids with me with were too shy to go up alone.


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